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My name is Al, I have been on the forum before and a few others. Some of you guys know me already for here and other places.

A little about myself...

I grow up in Bergen County NJ. Went to Bergen Tech in Hackensack when it was a trade school. I took masonry and carpentry. When I was in high school I started work for some friends who had a small carpentry company.
Worked as a carpenter for 10 years. Called the union hall to join as a carpenter. There was no openings at that time. So I called the drywall finishers local. And came in as a apprentice. Did great when things were busy. Everyone needs a great drywall finisher.
Did union work and a lot of work on the side. ( ran my business on the side)
We all know that the union is the best part time job you will have.. :laughing:
Now the last few year I put my carpentry hat back on and been taking on more work other then drywall..

So that's it in a nut shell.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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