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Hello from NC

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Wanted to say hello...I reside in the RDU area in NC. I have been in business here since 1994 and been doing great till the economy hit us finally. This is the first time since I have been here (1992) that it has been this bad. Well that being said...I absolutely love it here.I am originally raised in my early years outside of Boston, schooled in Schenectady NY and been here for the last 17 years. I learned the trade from a couple of union carpenters, worked NYC area for a couple of years, and built is the capital area north for a few too. I am a licensed GC, and LOVE what I do. Just finished a couple houses from 600k to 1.5 mil. I am not a conventional builder as I incorporate many ideas from around the globe for fun and uniqueness. Hope to chat on here on and off, as I get the time. Great site with tons of info, not a fan of all the bashing of one another though....sorry
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Hello from WNC
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