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Hello from NC

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Great site ! I've been snooping and can't believe the wealth of information that you have. There is power in numbers.I hope to learn alot here.Currently I'm working for a 600 unit apt complex as a sub remoldeling kitchens and bathrooms. Thanks again .
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Welcome: What part of NC? I am moving there also :}:} Heading to Zebulon
Skymaster..I'm in Youngsville..just down hwy 96 from you.
NC Does that mean We gotta meet for some sweet T and bagels :}:}:}:}?
Geez guess I gotta let you into my shop also eh? ROFLOL :laughing: :thumbup:
I will check map see how far Youngsville tis.

OK I see ya you are Northwest of me. My house will actually be in Emit on 39. 45 mins according to map program, :}:}:}:} not far at all.
Skymaster....bagel, lets see...thats an old donut isn't it. How bout that plane avitar..are you parking it at the Franklin Co Airport ?
LOL LOL man now I dont know if I can trust you to NOT take my plane!!!! ROFLOL
Might have to hide in at Wendell :laughing::laughing:
Yes on old doughnut but ya gotta git the one with moldy cheese they iz the bestest.
Hi NChammer welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here.

Nice to meet you.
Welcome to CT - would you mind putting your location in your profile (I know you used it as part of your name, or did that stand for Naomi Campbell?)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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