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Hello from MT!

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Hey Guys!

Looking forward to connecting with y'all. My name is Robert Saunders and I live in Montana.
My family has been in the construction industry for a long time; we owned lumber yards for several generations, and my grandparents were general contractors for quite some time.
These days, we sell a wide variety of construction fasteners, both online and off.

Anyway, I thought it'd be great to connect with some quality, down-to-earth people in my industry. I'll sell you some great screws if you like, but I'm here to make friends and connections.

Hit me up if you like, and have a great day, everybody!


Robert Saunders
Xander Fasteners Inc.
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Welcome to ContractorTalk, Robert.
Hello Robert Welcome aboard..:thumbup:
Robert, welcome, nice to have another person from Montana here.:thumbsup: Maybe some time when I am down in Billings will have to look you up.
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