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Hello everyone
My name is Ken and my business is Ken's Finishing carpentry & siding
I have worked in construction for around 17 years, starting out roofing and light framing then siding for many years, more recently have gotten into doing interior trim which I enjoy doing.
I try and do mostly interior trim but do to the slow economy have been getting back into siding,and am planning on getting my builders or remodelers license so I can expand into other areas as well
I enjoy picking the brains of other professionals and hope to be able to contribute some from my own experiences also

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No license required here for being a sub, unless you are a roofer, plumber, electrician. Some contractors get around those rules also. EDIT.......supposed to have a independent contractors license........but again, that is usually worked around for a certain price.........

If not being a sub, you are supposed to be licensed, but some get around that also. Usually by being cheaper than the legit competition.

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The following are exempt from the contractor/remodeler licensing requirements:
  • employees of a licensed contractor or remodeler;
  • material suppliers who do not install or attach the items;
  • owners doing work on their own property (unless they are engaged in building on speculation);
  • architects or engineers doing work within the scope of their practice;
  • people whose annual gross receipts from their residential contracting or remodeling activities are less than $15,000 (gross receipts are definedas the total amount derived from residential contracting or remodeling activities, regardless of where the activities are performed, and must not be reduced by cost of goods sold, expenses, losses or any other amount)*;
  • school districts and technical colleges;
  • plumbers, electricians, mechanical contractors and other professionals who are otherwise subject to statewide licensing, when engaged in the activity that is the subject of licensure;
  • specialty contractors who provide only one "special skill" (except residential roofers);
  • any person who only engages in activities found within one of the eight categories listed below is not required to be licensed (except residential roofers).
"Special skill" means one of the following eight categories​
1. Excavation
  • excavation
  • trenching
  • grading
  • site grading
2. Masonry/concrete
  • drain systems
  • poured walls
  • slabs and poured-in-place footings
  • masonry walls
  • masonry fireplaces
  • masonry veneer
  • water resistance and waterproofing
3. Carpentry
  • rough carpentry
  • finish carpentry
  • doors, windows and skylights
  • porches and decks (excluding concrete footings)
  • wood foundations
  • drywall installation (excluding taping and finishing)
4. Interior finishing
  • floor covering
  • wood floors
  • cabinet and countertop installation
  • insulation and vapor barriers
  • interior or exterior painting
  • ceramic, marble and quarry tile
  • wallpapering
  • ornamental guardrail and installation of prefabricated stairs
5. Exterior finishing
  • siding
  • soffit, fascia and trim
  • exterior plaster and stucco
  • painting
  • rain carrying systems, including gutters and down spouts
6. Drywall and plaster
  • installation
  • taping
  • finishing
  • interior plaster
  • painting
  • wallpapering
7. Roofing
  • roof coverings
  • roof sheathing
  • roof weatherproofing and insulation
  • repair of roof support system, but not construction of new roof support system
Roofers are required to obtain a license. Contact the Department of Labor and Industry for further information.
8. General installation specialties
  • garage doors and openers
  • pools, spas and hot tubs
  • fireplaces and wood stoves
  • asphalt paving and seal coating
  • exterior plaster and stucco
  • ornamental guardrail and prefabricated stairs

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1 most of my work is subcontract
2 a good deal of the work thst is not is on my own propertys
3 I do not install windows or exterior doors yet , that would be the reason to get my licenses
4 I am not "cheaper than legit competion"
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