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Hello from Indianapolis!!!

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Hello everyone! I've been studying up on this site for around two years now, so I figured it's time to introduce myself. My name is Tim Mahoney, I'm a 36 year old husband, father of 3, and newly official contractor/handyman.

I've lived in Indy all my life and I've always enjoyed projects around the house. I went to Indiana University, starting off studying Biology with intentions to go to medical school (calculus put an end to that plan). I switched to Psychology and after graduating worked for 10 years with children that have mental health and behavior issues (I met my wife in a psych hospital!). I enjoyed the work but it didn't pay the bills so I've always done handyman work, own/manage rental properties, and build furniture for extra money. Just before my 3rd child was born I was laid off due to cutbacks and became a stay at home dad and spent more time in the handyman field.

This year I decided to focus on getting licensed, bonded, and insured as a general contractor, and to make my "side work" a more permanent source of income. I know I've still got a TON to learn and CT has been a great resource for me. Things have been going great so far and, fingers crossed, that continues!

My children are Connor (male) 8 years, Killian (male) 6 years, and Carrigan (female) 4 years. I've loved my time at home with them and I know I'm blessed that my wife Holli has a good job and that I've been able to spend so much time with them. As Carrigan gets closer to full day schooling I'll move closer to full time work.

Sorry for the long post! I've been meaning to say HI for a while, and I've got a coat of urethane on hardwood floors drying so it's a perfect time for nice long post.

Thanks for all the great info so far! Keep it coming!

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Welcome Tim I am a GC here in Indiana, I will keep you in mind if I find something that would be your niche:)
Welcome to CT! Wood has a psychology of it's own:thumbsup:
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