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Hello from Indiana

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Hello all, just signed up for the site. I'm located in central Indiana and my main line of business is interior trim, cabinetry, and custom woodworking. Been in business since 1999.

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Welcome to CT

;) Looks like we are neighbors. James
Any relation to "my man Mitch"?

Just kidding, welcome to CT!:thumbsup:
hey welcome to CT
Welcome back from Indiana:thumbup:
I never cared for Hoosiers
Yep, me also. Don't care for your state police either when doing 99 in a 55 zone through your state.

Welcome Mitch. Where abouts in Central Indiana do you hail from?
Welcome Mitch, from down on the Ohio in Southern Indiana.
I never cared for Hoosiers
Neither did I, guess that's why I'm a Boilermaker!
Welcome Mitch. Where abouts in Central Indiana do you hail from?
I'm just north of Indianapolis, around Sheridan.
I never cared for Hoosiers
I don't trust that
old Indian neither....:shifty:
hi all just signed up today thought id introduce myselfmy name is todd im a drywall sander been doing it for about 7 years love it did by stick for the first4 years then was introduce to yhe pc 7800 dustless sander boy what a differiceonce i got use to it what a change in time and so much easyer on the body so these days my moto is have sander will travel well hope to meet up with some of you some day
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Dang Cornfed's, cant trust any of em...:shifty:
Welcome to CT Mitch !

Feel free to give me a shout on the board or by email
if you ever need advice with any screening project. Happy to help with all applications.

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1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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