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Hello from Dublin, Ireland

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Just a short few words to say hi and to congratulate you all on a really great forum and website.

I am a residential building contractor based in Dublin Ireland and i have been visiting your site for the last 10-12 months looking to see how the US contractors are weathering and overcoming the economic storm.

It looks like we're all in the same boat, similar challenges during the months/years ahead.

It's refeshing to see your positive attitudes to getting on with it and we can learn a lot from your marketing and sales experiences particularly.

A little about me:
Married no kids but we do have a dog(so we must be bearable ;))
In the building industry for over 20 years
During the years i qualified as a quantity surveyor and project manager and became self employed 4 years ago.
I like high quality, challenging projects which bring home the bacon as we say over here!

I specialise in high end residential new build and remodeling projects in and arounf the Dublin area.

Wishing you all the best and i look forward to contributing wherever i can.

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Welcome from the heartland of America. Things are definitely tight over here, especially where I am at. Caddo County is the poorest county in the state of Oklahoma. However, when I look around, I see opportunity. There are a lot of run down homes around here, mostly because we are 65 miles away from civilization so most contractors from the larger cities won't come out here.
My best friend and right hand man on the job is a proud(and stubborn) Irishman. On behalf of him, myself and all the gang here, welcome to CT
Well knowing im a "proud(and stubborn) Irishman" Welcome to the site.
Welcome to CT , good to have you GMOD
That is pretty cool, someone checking the site out from a far. Nice to have you here!

Welcome to the site, nice to see " the old country" is represented .

My parents speak foundly of growing up in Ireland...Good luck:thumbup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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