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Hello From Chicago IL

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RE: Intro
Hello, My name is Al, I'm from the Chicago area.
While trouble shooting a couple things I found some very helpful information on this sight so I decided to sign up. This way I can thank the person who gave the information next time. Seems there are some very knowledgeable tradesmen on here who have seen a thing or two and those are the kinda people I try to associate with when it comes to workin.

I've been working in the trades for about 18 years on and off. I mainly do flooring, drywall, painting, kitchen installs, basement frame-outs, sub-floors, cabinet installs, and a little tuckpointing. I started out when I was 18 yrs old as a roofer did that for about 8 years. We did alot of architectual shingles and new construction on large homes with wood shake roofs in the Chicago area.

Spent some time roofing in Estes Park, Co back in 1993. Those houses on the sides of mountains are alot of fun to work on. I also volunteered and was workin in Louisiana after Katrina helping out a friend rebuild a church/school and also laid some metal and shingle roofs down there and some other misc jobs. Almost all my family members live in Wisconsin and they have some real nice lakes up there to fish. I'm really considering moving to maybe Appleton, but I cant help but wonder how biz is up there for flooring and drywall?? :rockon:
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Welcome Big Al. Another Chicago guy!!!!!!!!
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