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My name is Damon McGregor. I live in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, which is close to Lafayette, La, or New Orleans. The name of my business is 'Acadiana's Premier Painting Specialist". I do most of my work in Lafayette, which is a city of about 200,000. I work for myself, by myself, very occasionally hiring a worker or two for big jobs. I have been painting since I was 14 (yep, officially on the payroll at 14, looking back I don't know how that wouldn't be considered child labor, but, hmm?) I am now 35. My Dad was a painter, and so I learned the basics from him. The cartilage is gone from his knees now so he has been forced to retire early.

After high school, I worked with a crew of about 10 on large commercial buildings such as schools and office buildings, my Dad was on that crew, went to college (ULL), for psychology and philosophy, after that, looked for work and couldn't find anything for what I went to college for more than 17,000 a year, so I went to work for myself painting houses. I actually painted houses the whole time I was in school on the side as well. I had my own business for 3 years, tried my hand at the school stuff again, went to LSU, got my Master's degree in Philosophy, tried to get a "normal" job for about a year, everything from installing solar panels to Halliburton, couldn't find one, contacted a bunch of old customers, and Bam! I had a years worth of work lined up. So I went back to painting houses for myself.

One day I hope to be able to employ at least 2 people full time, once I can find good help, and once I am able to guarantee steady work for them. For now I paint whole houses by myself, I do not know anyone else who does that, besides people I have met on here. I mostly do residential re-paints, interior and exterior, and occasionally small commercial jobs. I also do not hang, but finish sheetrock in every way.

I am just a cool Joe who listens to documentaries, podcasts, audiobooks, and music on his Mp3 player all day whilst cranking out houses, after house, after house, often getting stuck in my lonely, yet peace-of-mind head.

Peace my brothers!

Here are some examples of my work:
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