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Heat Exhaustion, Do you know what to do?

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I wrote this for another forum during the summer, thought I would share it here. exhaustion

Summer is here, and you know what that means? the heat is here. I have heard stories from contractors on this forum, talking about how they were on a roof and passed out, and fell down the roof. Others have said they were cleaning flat work and just collapsed.

Guys and Gals, their is no reason why anyone on here should ever pass out, collapse or even come close to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. I am going to outline how to spot it, how to react, and how to prevent it.

Those most prone to heat exhaustion are elderly people, people with high blood pressure, and people working or exercising in a hot environment.

Understanding the signs and symptoms:

** Heavy sweating, Or lack there of
** Muscle Cramps or spasms
** Increases Fatigue
** Dizziness
** Headache
** Vomiting
** Paleness

Advanced Symptoms:

** Moist and cool skin
** Fast but shallow breathing
** Fast but weak pulse rate
** Trouble speaking

These advanced symptoms could be the tell tell signs of heat stroke! Which is brought on from heat exhaustion. if you encounter thease advanced symptoms you need to go to the ER Immediately

How to React:

If you or one of your employees show any of the above symptoms you need to do the following to help minimize the damage and possibly save your life.

Since we work in the field you need to go sit in your vehicle with the AC on medium, If the AC is blasting on High the dramatic decrease in body temperature can put your body into shock.

Next Grab you some kind of sports drink, The sugar and Glycerol in the drink will increase the blood sugar levels and replace energy. Try to drink slowly and control your breathing.

While your sitting in your vehicle with your drink, you need to watch your breathing, and monitor your pulse rate, If you reacted right, and quickly, your pulse rate should strengthen and your breathing should become deeper. after 30 min if your feeling better, stay in the vehicle for another 30min and relax. After the hour has passed return to work, but continue sipping the sports drink, or cold beverage. Try to stay away from sodas because they can further increase dehydration and symptoms.

If after 30 min of sitting in your vehicle the symptoms and weakness persists you need to consult a doctor.

There are many ways and steps you can take to prevent heat exhaustion at home.

For Starters, The day before you know you will be in the sun.

** Try and limit your salt intake.
** Drink a good ratio of sport drinks and water
** Eat a real breakfast! - This is the most important step, eating a real and hearty breakfast will give you energy for the day and keep your blood ionic levels stable.
** Wear light clothing, wearing a light breathable shirt, shorts or breathable pants, can help keep your body cool through the day.

Also after the day of work weather or not you had any symptoms or not, take a long shower, eat a heart meal with plenty of vegetables and protein, which will replenish your antioxidant levels and potassium.

During the day your working, keep hydrated and takes breaks as needed, I know in this industry time is money, but is taking 5 minuets to relax and breath really going to cut into you bottom line? or are you willing to risk your family having no father or mother?

Foods like Fresh fruit, yogurt, and a good multi vitamin all can help prevent heat exhaustion. Your business, your family, and your friends all depend on it.

Don't be selfish, and protect yourself and your employees.

as always, please feel free to post any questions you have, comments or concerns.

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That's gonna come in really handy as winter aproaches. :laughing:

Good advice.
That's gonna come in really handy as winter aproaches. :laughing:

Good advice.

lol cold Exhaustion
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Thank you for the

i had this happen a long time ago. i was like maybe 16 and trimming x-mas trees in the summer. it was way to hot, tall trees and no breeze. i kept falling to my knees. i had no idea what was happening.

just what i needed, swinging a knife while falling to the ground. lol

the owner didnt really do anything, just move to smaller trees.

i went to the van and others where there with the same symptoms. one even threw up.

that was a bad day in the heat for me.
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Just carry an IV with you and give yourselves some saline solution injections if it gets too bad. That shows dedication.:thumbsup:
Heat Can Kill

I suffered a wicked case of heat stroke over the summer. I didnt see it coming, stopped sweating, got dizzy and feel off a ladder. Wound up in the er, and couldnt work for a week. This stuff is no joke, stay hydrated, take breaks, if you stop sweating, stop working and get some h20.
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