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Am building a 20' x 24' Detached Garage/Shop for a customer.
9' Walls - 10'x8' Garage Door - 2'8" 9 lite access door - 1 4'x4' Window (Approx)

The building will be used as a wood working shop.

My HVAC calutations say I need approx. 15,000 BTU AC.
Am considering a Whirlpool Heat/Cool Room AC. Model ACE184XR - 17,800 BTU's
Cost is about $600.00

I want a Window Unit to Install over the Work Bench Area.

Am I going in the right direction? Is Whirlpool the best Brand?
Because we are in Georgia we are a little more concerned wit Cooling than Heat.


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well, if you are able to calculate heat gain, the you should be able to determine a manufactorers worth when it comes to their equipment........ everyone knows that a peice a equipment is only as good as the warranty. since you are dealing with a brand name, you should be dealing with reputable warranty promise. A 1.5 ton unit should be good enough. The heat gain load will be swayed if you are not insulated (a big deal). this has the potential of changing your gain from 15,000 btus, 20,000 btus acording to the HTM and/or the u, k and x factors of constrution. I'll do a calculation for you but I need more info. roughly, yeh you'll be fine. exactly...send me the exact specs and I'll let you know.
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