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I've been using these things from Home Depot lately when I've had to do small bits of staining, and they are awesome. Way better than a rag. They don't drip, and they hold quite a bit of stain, and somehow seem to apply just the right amount stain with each wipe.

Coupled with these HDX gloves, they've made staining things and cleanup way easier than my old method of no gloves and a rag.

Just thought I'd share.


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What-cha staining there? Got any more photos? I personally have gone to spraying the stain on with an HVLP. Turn the pressure down and the fluid up. Spray it on, let it sit, wipe off. Much faster.
Gets in corners (doors) better than rags too.

Clayton, How those pads work for the tight spots, when you can't spray?
Any better than rags there?
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