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Read this website.

Shows you where to direct your antenna for what channel. It will get you started then you can fine tune the reception.

I have found with mine it has to be a smart atenna base that changes the direction of the antenna when I switch channels otherwise I only get 2 channels in instead of 20 something channels.

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well its up (On top of roof)
I am only getting 4 channels
i am 30 miles south and west from mn metro area
no trees in way
samsung tv(could it be something i am doing wrong with tv or remote)
any tips?
Do you have an amplifier on the antenna? It made all the differance in the world on mine plus it was only $10.
Also the pitch affects the signal as well. Mine works better with a slight down ward point of about 2-3 deg.
30 miles away really isn't a big deal. You just keep messing with it until it's right. How many channels did antenna web say are you supose to get?

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One major hassle with digital TV is that it will completely ignore a crappy signal, unlike the old analogue. If the signal level is marginal, just having your antenna pointed 2-3° off can be enough to make a given channel a no-go.

If you know what channel you should be getting, and aren't, try setting your TV to that channel, and "hunt" with the antenna orientation, letting it sit for several seconds each time. And yes, an amplifier can make a world of difference sometimes.

Though bottom line, that antennaweb site, handy as it is, only gives theoretical coverages. There are real world variables that can affect those listings pretty dramatically.

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I regularly help a local guy set up antenna. We usually pick up Chicago which is 60 miles away (line of sight) when we are done.

We use the biggest antenna Wineguard makes with an amp mounted just below the ant. on the pole/tower. Use new wire and make sure your ends are good, if you bought store wire with ends already attached you should be fine.

If you have a splitter in the house, you have to cap any unused terminals on the splitter or they will bleed signal.

Try rescanning your tv after you have adjusted the antenna and remember the signal for digital is 1/12'th the strength so the install has to be perfect to work. RG6 cable is all we use, I don't understand it that well but have done enough of them to know something usually goes wrong.

Make sure none of your antenna is touching anything and if you have a big one, there are wire leads that must not tuch the frame of the antenna.

Hope this helps, there can be alot of things to look for. Just did one yesterday, three seperate markets and we got them all. I think the guy has about 55 channels now.:thumbsup:

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well after all the great advice
It was the scan that that fixed it
my antenna is a winegard 8200 on roof
30 miles from metro
50' of cable to a splitter
50' more feet going to single tv hooked up now
I did not do much messing around with antenna
roughly aimed towards metro
never hooked up amplifier
30 channels very happy with that:clap:
thanks again for all the help
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