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Hay, Mac...

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Nice job on the Deck Builder magazine article. Great work!
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Thanks, man... gonna hafta go check my mail, haven't got my copy yet!

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Isn't that always the way......
Got mine today, haven't had a chance to read it yet though :thumbsup:
Sweet article, awesome deck & some very nice tips :thumbsup:
Can somebody scan and post it?
I can't even install cabinets alone...:laughing:
Really great article Mac, almost as good as the work you do!

I read your full article along with it's illustrations and ended up wanting to know more...

... but is your name really Mac Macdonald lol!

just kidding, ... very Manly name in an Irish way.
The Irish are usually "Mc", Scots are usually "Mac"...

Nice article and Pictures MAC.

I don't know how you do all that heavy lifting by yourself.

I can see in the pictures you have some good methods and techniques. I would have probably taken out a few windows and a roof with my clumsy self.

You da man with that solo building Deck stuff. Nice job:thumbsup:
Very nice. I had to do a 1000sqft deck about 12-13ft above ground and it was dam hard work but nothing like that. Some of them timbers look like they weight a fair bit.
I admire your fortitude and can relate to your reasoning about working alone :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the kudos, guys...

I thought it was kinda funny that online article didn't have a shot of the whole deck!
Here's a link to a thread I wrote on it a couple of years ago...

Nice article Mac!:thumbup: I remember seeing those pics on here, very nice deck too!

Mac you strike me as a very detailed and hard working guy, heck I can see by your profile photo's that you are, initially I thought to myself; "Now there's a well run crew" but after reading your article, your situation seems familiar.

I have known several Detailed "perfectionists" in my long career... I have a good friend named Curtis, (a painter) that went through help like I go through shirts, none of his helpers was ever good enough and none lasted more than few years. he was always complaining about how the ladder was positioned wrong or how the tarps are not "rolled up" a certain way. although his guys where journey men with many years of experience Curtis saw it as; "they never learned how to do it correctly"

and so consequently he has worked alone most of his career, his clients all love him he's invited to BBQ's and such, he becomes almost a part of the family while he works on their homes (some are multi million dollar houses) and they refer him to new customers all the time, so he's always backlogged. Curtis is a hard worker and has always been rather happy to work alone, whereas Me.... I'm a slacker compared to him, I let my guys make small mistakes... sometimes costing me money to fix, even losing a client or two, Most of the time I struggle not to say anything to my crew about what I would have done differently I choose instead not to nit pick. I find that this attitude allows me more freedom to travel & spent much more time with my family than Curtis has with his.

Now that Curtis is older, he wishes he had listen to me over the (20) years, he wishes he hadn't been so hard on his helpers, and had a company running the day to day jobs as I do, well honestly he really wishes that he could 'clone' himself (what he always says) since none of his kids followed in his footsteps (a good thing, they are educated and well off) and although Curtis is well off financially he knows that he could have done better.

I might be reading you all wrong Mac and this story just might mean nothing to you, but I rarely make mistakes ... although you think Sh!t nuggets fall from my every word... I see some Curtis in you.

Just going out on a limb here to help, please don't take it personal.

My Friend Curtis is the same age as I am (60 going on 61) and finds it hard to retire, I'm semi retired already.... I hope you get to retire on your terms.
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