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Have you changed your wiring ways with the new "LED" watt use ?

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A can of worms I open :laughing:.. I only partake in the wiring as needed i'm a small builder and I can do what is needed to get the job done...safely!!!! so have you guys found your local codes moving to accept the fact that you can dammnear wire a floor in a small home on one dam breaker!! well minus that dammm arc fault/government money maker program :censored:
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Code doesn't specify how many breakers are needed.
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To answer your question seriously: Somewhat. Everything else is still using lots of power, so houses have more breakers than ever. But where we might have split a lighting circuit for fixtures with 30 total bulbs in half before, we might allow it to be on one now. It would be maxed if all 30 were on and replaced with 60 watt bulbs, but in reality the average wattage will be 15 or less so there is lots of head room.
Minimum two circuits required just for kitchen outlets.

I've known people that don't like the quality of light given off by either LED or Florescent, they typically use a lot of halogen or some of the Neodymium bulbs, stuff like that.
Yes, maybe for lighting but LED's are not the only thing causing resistance. You have motors, appliances, power, etc. The NEC is a minimum requirement for fire hazard and safety.

To answer your question, yes, with the wattage for lighting getting smaller, the lights on circuits does increase. I still have a certain way I provide power to houses, LED or not. Fans have a big impact on this.
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