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Have a laugh at my expense.

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Doing a recent small bathroom remodel, just a lot of updating...

Part of the job called for installing a new quiet exhaust fan and replacing the old switch to the old fan with a new timer instead. Well part of the story is that the homeowner's in this condo real feel that the place was built poorly and too quickly, and they have had to replace a lot of stuff and they always find shortcutted work.

I keep noticing that the light switch in the bathroom is installed upside down - meaning flipping it up turns off the light instead of what I would consider normal to flip it up to turn on the light. Being the nice guy that I am since I am installing the timer in the same box, I will quickly turn the light switch upside down so it works properly, and just chaulk it up to confirm the homeowner's belief that the place was built kind of crappily.

The next day I return to find the friggen light switch is back the way it originally was! I'm thinking what the hell is going on here? The homeowner tries to do some handyman work around the house, could he have for some reasons re-flipped the switch back around after I left, did I have a brain fart and acutally put it back in wrong way myself? They aren't home, so I take it out and flip it quickly again put the cover back on and go about my biz.

The next day I return to finish the job and find the friggen light switch is reverse again!!!!!!! This time the homeowner is home, so I say to him, "Ya know, they put your light switch in upside down when they built this place, so I turned it around for you when I put in the new timer, but now it's wrong way again, did you do something to it?"

About that time the wife comes around from the other doorway in the bathroom and on her way in flips a switch on the other wall inside her bedroom and turns the bathroom lights on! - The friggen switch was a 3-way!!!!!! I never even paid any attention to the way it was wired because the box was so stuffed with wires!

The husband just looked at me and laughed his a$$ off, the wife had no clue what was so funny! I just pretended I had to go get something out of the truck while his wife kept asking him over and over again, what was so funny? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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Very funny Mike. I had a customer that wanted me to fix her 3 way switches so they would only work when you put the switch in the up postion. Took me 1/2 hour to show and explain how that was not possible!
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