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If you are working in the Toronto area I hear the going rate for a sub-contractor to install pre-finished hardwood is about $1.00 sqft. For me that rate isn't enough to make a living, for some guys it may be. I live about an hour from Toronto and one store I work for has several installers doing the commute from Toronto everyday as the rates are so terrible there. Not to sound prejudiced but the minorities have basically ruined the trade there working for nothing. Rates in my area are the same they were 10 years ago. That being said there is always a demand for QUALITY work. You won't get rich but I have managed to make a decent 6 figure income for the last several years with the majority of my work sub-contracting for 2 different stores. There are installers doing the same jobs for the same stores that are living pay check to pay check. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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