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Has anyone worked as a flooring subcontractor?

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Hey Guys

Quick question: Has anyone here worked as a flooring subcontractor? and is it worth it?

I seen a posting for a sub-contractor position for hardwood, laminate and engineered flooring. I haven't had any luck getting in touch with the manager this past week. I miss her every time I call, and when she is back in the office I loose track of time and when I realize it she's gone home for the day. I figure this might be a way to grow business a little, plus from what I seen from some of their installers they are pretty busy. They are doing the building I am working in at the moment, and they have 73 units to floor and another crew to tile.

However, my thoughts are. Is it worth it? Pay is piece work for sure, but is it very little? Would there be sufficient amount of work..etc..

If anyone has any experiences even if it not with flooring subcontracting, it would be helpful.
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Thanks that is all

You know if you guys really don't like me around here, just create a whole thread and say it. Then I'll just leave
Either you are no contractor, or you are a very subtle and funny guy.

But about your original question:

It would be tough to do if you don't have significant experience working on a flooring crew already.

I and my crew install flooring - wood, finished and unfinished, engineered and solid, vinyl, linoleum, tile. I do great quality, fine work. I could never hack it as a flooring sub - I don't know nearly enough to install a variety of flooring types to someone else's spec, efficiently enough to make money and to make the contractor and the owner happy.

Edit: As Charimon says, try to hook on with a good crew. I don't think you should do it for free, though. You'll learn about the trade and you'll figure out if you can make money at it as a sub.
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