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Harrington Houston Roofing

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Harrington Roofing company is a Houston based Roofing contractor located in Houston, TX. We specialize in commercial and residential composite shingle roofing. We do roofing inspections and roofing quotes in Houston and surrounding areas.

We are an experienced roofing company that is quick, reliable, and efficient at roofing repairs and new roofing installations. Call us at 713-836-0812 to get a roofing quote or to have your roof inspected!

If you are in the market for a new roof in the Houston Roofing market, then you are looking in the right place. We have the experience in roofing installations and replacement required to get the job done, in Houston and surrounding areas. We are a company with years of experience, and since shingles are utilized in 90% of the roofs in the Houston Roofing market, we have the most requests as well as experience with these types of roofs.

We are aware that each of our clients has different expectations in terms of the brand or the color of shingles that they envision on the roof of their house. We treat each of our clients as an individual and isolated case, that is why we offer a wide variety of materials. In our portfolio we offer several of the leading brands in shingle manufacturing. As an experienced company in this field, we will go the extra mile to advise you on the color and type of shingles that will be appropriate for your roof and will fit the entire style and appearance of your house.

We would also like to assure you that as an experienced Houston roofing contractors we will push ourselves and go above and beyond to make sure that our client will be completely satisfied with our services. We guarantee punctuality, precision, and high standards, at the same time maintaining competitive prices so that we can service clients with a variety of budgets. We are aware how important it is for our clients to have cleanliness and order on their property, that is why we maintain a clean working area during construction and we thoroughly clean up the entire area around the house after the completion of the project. Please be aware that our estimates are 100% free of charge, and our clients can always contact us to get additional information. We are always happy to share our advice and knowledge that stems from our years of experience.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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