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HardiPlank and ICF

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Does anyone out there have any experience installing hardiplank on an ICF house? ICF's are just starting to show up out here and I have a bid in to side a house in the next month.

Guy I know said to use self tapping pan heads, that is what he used, but from the sounds of it they were ungalvanized nor ceramic coated, so that isn't going to fly.

Any tips, tricks, advice when all you have for a nailer is a plastic strip?
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My quick answer - Screw furring strips to the ICF & then side it like normal, I unfortunatly have not had the pleasure of working with it before, so...

The real ICF guys will probably like to know which type / maker the ICF panels are, some (or all?) you will need to protect from insects, etc...
I am not sure what ICF system the house is built with, I put a bid in on this house off the plans 2 months ago. I emailed James Hardie about what their recommended installation practices are for this and they never got back to me. I have done plenty of siding with Hardie products, but this is the 1st ICF house...
The problem I had was that on lap siding you eventually come to a horizontal ICF joint with not internal plastic webbing to anchor to. We tried spanning the horizontal block seam with thin metal flashing that we could attach to to block webbing above and below the seam.

I've also seen PT furring strips run vertically. Seems like a good way to go.

Be sure that the ICF is fairly straight. I have seen some wavy stuff and then you will be making custom furring strips of varying thicknesses.

This was ICF. Thankfully the lengths were not hard to deal with. On a long run, I'd try the furring strips.


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