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Hardie volcanoes

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I've got a question about Hardie board. I've always used a trim nailer for hanging Hardie trim but I ran across a job that the installer used a framing gun! Question: is there a putty that is exterior grade meant for Hardie? The guy wants me to caulk and paint the job but I think the caulk will leave volcanoes in the large nail heads. Any idea's?
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We have used grout to hide cracks and blowouts on cement board.
we use stainless steel ring nails in a coil nailer, blind nailed, if we have a large house to do the coil framer comes out as well blind nailed!! however when putting on closer pieces at the soffit we use a 15 gauge with stainless steel

for filling blow out we usually just use the color match caulking
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You guys are vicious using caulk to patch stuff.

You need to use an actuall patching compound and then touch it up with color matched paint.

MH Ready Patch I believe is the name of the stuff I use and is found at HD.
Paulie, I hope you are using SS trim nails since standard interior trim nails will be corroded by the cement. Hardie will not honor their warranty if trim nails are used for that reason as well as the fact that they aren't strong enough. Best to use the nails they recommend. That said, I have used Drydex prior to painting. It is easy to shape to match cedar mill and sands easily. Did that 4 years ago on a job and today still no problems as long as the planks are properly painted.
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