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Hardie to steel frame. Screws or nails?

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Hello everyone. New here; Siding and windows contractor in Tennessee wondering what experience anyone here might have fastening fiber cement panels to steel framing. I have more of this work in the pipeline and need an effective solution.
I've heard I have the option to screw or to nail. I haven't seen the screws/guns but I recently saw a high pressure nailer displayed at a tool show. I think it was Max or something similar. The holding power of the nail was impressive. Just wondering what costs might be; buying versus renting and where to start. I think the gun I saw displayed required a special compressor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Why not use screws and a screw gun you already own?
The Max "high pressure" system is nice for structural steel, but overkill for fastening Hardie siding to steel studs. The price for the whole system is +/- $2800.00.

ET&F makes code approved pin fastening systems for attaching building materials to steel studs and concrete. Their Model 510 tool (with a standard air compressor) is designed for fastening Hardie to steel studs. The pins come in 1-1/2", 2" and 2-1/2". The fasteners are covered in James Hardie's ICC code approval report NER-405 and their "Best Practices Manual". There is also a Florida product approval.

Trim is installed using an ET&F Model 110 tool or 210 tool. These tools and pins are designed specifically for fastening Hardie trim to metal stud framing. They also make a systems for attaching James Hardie siding direct to concrete block and plywood to metal stud framing / steel trusses.

The phone number for ET&F Fastening Systems is 800-248-2376. Their web site is .

Good luck!
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