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Hardie siding recommendations wanted

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I've sold a HO on building a large garden shed which I'd like to install hardie siding on. (Home owner wants durability & almost no maintenance).

Having never worked with the stuff, I'd appreciate suggestions / links to good threads on working with their siding.

About the only thing I know is that you can work it pretty much like wood, and need to be VERY careful about preventing inhalation of the silicates.

So, any do's or don'ts you'd care to share?
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I think the stuff (Hardi) is the bees knees. You do have to be careful handling it, careful with your nailer when tacking it up and wear a mask when cutting (yeah, life sucks). Howver, from the wet climate I'm from, the stuff performs (no mold issues, warping or cracking), and looks fanatastic (just looks clean). Its low profile allows you to paint it easily. I reckon (ad hoc) that it has a much better R value and noise suppresion than vinyl/plastic. You can get guages to hold your piece up, so it can easily be a one person show. The only thing that sucks is the blade...quite a pop for each. The shears are the best route for limiting dust, but the line suffers. Lastly, it takes quite a fire to burn (smoulder) a plank.
As for edges...I say that is what caulking is for.....;)
And who in the world would buy hardi without it being at least primered....
Rah rah rah!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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