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Hardie siding recommendations wanted

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I've sold a HO on building a large garden shed which I'd like to install hardie siding on. (Home owner wants durability & almost no maintenance).

Having never worked with the stuff, I'd appreciate suggestions / links to good threads on working with their siding.

About the only thing I know is that you can work it pretty much like wood, and need to be VERY careful about preventing inhalation of the silicates.

So, any do's or don'ts you'd care to share?
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Go to the Hardie web site, plenty of info, also search you tube for videos.
I am so glad you guys are telling us that Hardie is "true garbage"! now we really know. I guess the 1200 (give or take a few) homes I have resided with Hardie since 1997 - all without a single issue- all need to be resided with something better?

If your going to dog a product, at least be specific with your issues.
Thanks, we can learn from that, alot more than a general statement! I know that Hardie does not perform in your cold climate as well as it does here in Florida, but it has proven to be a much better alternative than most other siding products we have available.
No doubt they need paint, thats where our environment kills us- the sun attacks everything, even vinyl fades out in 2-4 years. Brick is the best answer but has its problems ($$$ and termites love to get behind it)
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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