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Hardie siding recommendations wanted

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I've sold a HO on building a large garden shed which I'd like to install hardie siding on. (Home owner wants durability & almost no maintenance).

Having never worked with the stuff, I'd appreciate suggestions / links to good threads on working with their siding.

About the only thing I know is that you can work it pretty much like wood, and need to be VERY careful about preventing inhalation of the silicates.

So, any do's or don'ts you'd care to share?
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No maintenance-----Hardie board........doesn't make sense. May as well sell the paint and a brush along with it.

Recommendation----another product
Like what? The HO doesn't like the look of vinyl & doesn't want aluminum.

I hear ya. I just don't get the old lap siding fad right now. People can say what they want, but cement board is pure garbage, IMO.
Hey, it's just my opinion.

It breaks, moves, pops nails, molds, and needs to be painted. What else can you ask for.

It's really no different than the old masonite lap siding. It needs good paint, it's thinner, more flimsy, requires special fasteners, relies on caulking to keep moisture out. Oh ya, that's one more thing to be added to the painting thing.....I'm sure the caulking will need to be stripped and re-applied.

For the cost and labor, I just don't think it's worth it.
I'm sure it does work a little better in your climate.

BTW, if you've been installing this for the last 12 years, you may want to go back and see if they need new paint by now. ;)
I can imagine. I've seen some cheapo siding melt in the sun here when it is close to shingles.

We will need work in the future though, so all is good. Nothing lasts forever.
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