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Hardie siding recommendations wanted

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I've sold a HO on building a large garden shed which I'd like to install hardie siding on. (Home owner wants durability & almost no maintenance).

Having never worked with the stuff, I'd appreciate suggestions / links to good threads on working with their siding.

About the only thing I know is that you can work it pretty much like wood, and need to be VERY careful about preventing inhalation of the silicates.

So, any do's or don'ts you'd care to share?
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Hardie does have a pre colored cement siding like the Color Max CertainTeed product. Just follow the directions to the T. The shears and are like 400 if I remeber right. And NO it is nothing like wood.
You will most likely see this in the instructions however the only "cut" edges should be agianst windows, doors, and corner boards and you must either prime those cut edges or use the touch up paint if you are using the pre colored hardie. It is also very difficult to hang by yourself, you will want to put a helper on your bid too.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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