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Hard Times

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Hey ladies and gentleman. I was curious in how everyone goes about getting there low-voltage work. I co-run a company in Orlando, FL and I am having a lot of trouble finding work. I've handed out flyers to businesses and to residential homes, we do private and ADT monitoring, Dish/Direct TV dealers, and do any and all low-voltage pre-wires and installs. We have had luck in the past but not recently. We have been doing a lot of sub work through other small low-voltage companies but it seems they have all started to run short of work. I know times are rough for everyone right now but I also know that there is work to be done out there. Does any one want to fill me in on some secrets? If not I guess I understand, Im just trying to eat and provide you know? Thanks everyone!
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Getting better down South

I moved from Atlanta 1.5 years ago, to start a Fire Alarm Co in West Palm, We are just now getting call backs from Electrical contractors for bids.

My sales guy found all the Electricals in the area and now visits them every other week to say Hi and how are the quotes going! we just got a 200K job with a change order. Try and get face to face !
I sent out 500 mailers with a fill out info and check us out, and I will mail a $5 starbucks card only 15 filled out info, I guess most did not even bother to read t keep plugging along
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