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Hard Times

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Hey ladies and gentleman. I was curious in how everyone goes about getting there low-voltage work. I co-run a company in Orlando, FL and I am having a lot of trouble finding work. I've handed out flyers to businesses and to residential homes, we do private and ADT monitoring, Dish/Direct TV dealers, and do any and all low-voltage pre-wires and installs. We have had luck in the past but not recently. We have been doing a lot of sub work through other small low-voltage companies but it seems they have all started to run short of work. I know times are rough for everyone right now but I also know that there is work to be done out there. Does any one want to fill me in on some secrets? If not I guess I understand, Im just trying to eat and provide you know? Thanks everyone!
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Welcome to CT. Just a heads up, it's usually protocol on the site to do an intro in the introductions section and fill out your profile as completely as you feel comfortable.

This site will give you lots of ideas about how to improve yourself. Spend some time searching the marketing, business, and low voltage sections. There are lot's of guys in the same boat as you.

Welcome again!
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