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Hard Times

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Hey ladies and gentleman. I was curious in how everyone goes about getting there low-voltage work. I co-run a company in Orlando, FL and I am having a lot of trouble finding work. I've handed out flyers to businesses and to residential homes, we do private and ADT monitoring, Dish/Direct TV dealers, and do any and all low-voltage pre-wires and installs. We have had luck in the past but not recently. We have been doing a lot of sub work through other small low-voltage companies but it seems they have all started to run short of work. I know times are rough for everyone right now but I also know that there is work to be done out there. Does any one want to fill me in on some secrets? If not I guess I understand, Im just trying to eat and provide you know? Thanks everyone!
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The 'right time' never arrives.
How true, i started my business in Aug of 2007 but never left my full time career until April of 2008 to run the business full time. I wanted to be sure the business could survive on its own before leaving a secure income. Doing good work, having a good reputation and being diversified has helped keep me busy. Not only am i an Electrical Contractor but i also mow lawns, cut tree's, plow snow, do light excavation, pressure washing, build decks, install/repair vinyl siding, roofing, some flooring and carpentry. Anything beyond electrical is kept small and i only pick and chose the jobs i can handle. I also hire a few guys on the side to do some of this work so i dont have to worry about falling behind. Just the seasonal care taking nets me thousands of dollars a year and these folks are already customers of mine. Everytime they need something done i am the first guy they call, if i cant do it then i sub it out and still make some money off the job without having to do any work besides a few phonecalls.
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