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Hanging upper cabinets

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I am replacing a set of counter tops that the upper cabinets above the peninsula were setting on 4 legs screwed down to both the top and cabinet bottoms. What I have thought of doing would be to "hang the cabinets" from the ceiling joist with ready rod. My problem is there is an open soffit above the cabinets and I need something to cover the ready rod with. I was thinking of something similar to an extension from a hanging light, and run the ready rod through them. Any body know where to look for tubes such as this? I'm not finding much since I'm not sure what to call such.
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Copper pipe looks good in some cases.

Black iron pipe painted to suit also can be done.

Just be sure the top of the cabinet can handle the weight pulling it apart. Fair on the overbuild side of things.
Any big box store or electrical supply will have "downrod" in a variety of finishes.

They pertty much come in any length imaginable.
Thanks guys! Down rod was the word I was looking for. Actually headed to the box store this morning
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