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Handyman looking for work

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Seeking work in residential or commercial setting doing small light repairs or new home punch list type work.

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Thanks for the link.

Some things to consider:

Can you add pictures of the things you do with short descriptions?

- Your services don’t really match your company name.

- It’s unclear if you do remodeling or handyman type things. I would think the second, but I see the first on the website.

  • I see nothing but stock photos.
  • The testimonials are good. Do you have more? Can you lose the last name for an abbreviation?

- As far as generating more work, do you have a list of past clients that you can call on?

- When you call, can you ask if they need gutters cleaned or driveway pressure washed or fences fixed or whatever other services you offer?

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts