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Hand distressed flooring

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Have someone who wants to hand distress their own flooring. They don't want to use a cabinet scraper or bona scraper. They say there is a scraper made specifically for this. Can't find one. Any ideas? Tried Lee Valley and Rockler.
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Stanley used to make a scraper with a metal clamp at the business end ,which held a scraper blade,handle was round ,tapered about 12" long overall.I ain't seen one in years though.
They have a picture of something similar, but can't find one.
Helluva hard work for a distressed finish,it was bad enough having to scrape out every single little corner then sand paper them when I was a kid.
One of these, with the undulating head will do the trick and hooked to a dust extractor wapn't leave much of a mess:

Pull knife and a hand plane.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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