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hi, I am a professional licensed contractor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Just trying to keep on top of the subject. Like holding on to the tail of a wild tiger!

I have been in business for at least 15 years in a very competitive market where my competitors are the clueless. I will always be under the gun because I will be one of the highest prices and will have to explain why this is so.

Constant advertising, learning our trade and sub-trade limits and joining a professional association such as BUILD which is going national in Canada helps me stay in business.

I am trying to get off the tools and putting on my belt but I always want to be part of the action especially when we pour concrete.

We try to specialize in additions and home improvement. I join associations to try to get personally better at my art.

I have both a university degree in biochemistry and psychology and residential construction management and civil engineering technologist.

I feel the most important purpose that I bring to my clients is to bring the talents my crew and I have to fulfilling their housing dreams on the agreed upon terms. This is the true meaning of a professional.

We take it seriously that people put their trust and money in our hands to deliver dreams that they have saved years to achieve.

Harry Chong
Invictus Renovations Limited
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