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Had to stop working today

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I work today on Sunday, but after 2 hour we had to stop.
Some cities have a law where you can't have any constrution noise on a Sunday. Someone called the cops and i was told to stop. We did not start mixing till 9:30 am to respect some people sleeping. What a crock of sh*t, try to make a living and get shut down. But its ok when everyone is mowing the lawn etc.
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that sucks. I dont usually work sunday (I have in the past) But sat i do. i do try make any noise if i have to after 9am. Just a matter of courtesy
But its ok when everyone is mowing the lawn etc.
There are towns in my area that work cannot start before 8am during the week....I don't want to find out what weekend start times are...
Thats funny I was working today finishing up some ceramic tile. At the end of the day yesterday I pretty much made all my cuts for today so I wouldn't have to run the tile saw, the houses are very close and the neighbors are finiky. While I was there two of the neighbors were running leaf blowers and one has a gas pressure washer going, I was thinking to myself man I can't even hear myself think:laughing: My tile saw is quieter than all that!

Personally I couldnt care less if someone was working making noise.

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No noise ordinance here in Maine. I imagine it's a little tighter rules in the bigger communities. The way things work around here is a general rule or law, if you are being really obnoxious for hours on end, then yeah, the coppers come to kick your ass a little. Other than that, we can do whatever we please for the most part. Line up the rifle at 5 am if we wish.
Weekends suck.
Lawn mowers, leaf blowers,
competition boom boxes, more
barking dogs than weekdays,
kids on bikes, scooters, skate boards......
I'm too old for the extra drama. :laughing:
Someone always complains when the work is not going on at their house,
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That's too bad. It really sucks if you are backed up on your schedule, and just trying to keep the schedule flowing by working on Sat/Sun.

Either way = It's the nature of things. It's a good reminder that we all need to check the local ordinances, condo/apt rules, etc, etc, etc.

Rule # 30: Never assume; Check the local rules for daytime - allowable start and - end times (example: "no work before X:XX, No work After X:XX, No work on weekends, etc...")....

One of our jobs currently is working on the grounds of an apt. complex. One of the questions I asked (the property mgmt), while developing the contracts with subs - was: what is the allowable start time....and end times? (m-f & s/s)
Thus - it is was put in writing with the contract packages given to all the subs.
Man I am sorry, that sucks. And yes, probably a jealous neighbor who complained :mad: I finished up a deck today, went up the street and the neighbor had just cut their corn field and picked up a bushel of small eared sweet corn.. was delish.. and have enough for the rest of the week :thumbsup:
In Washington the weekend rules states that you can't start before 9AM and can work till 10 PM.

The guy next door had a crew residing his house and they started up a worm drive a 7:30 AM a few weeks ago on a Sunday. I went out the door with a WTF do you think your doing. Caught the same crew taking a break Tuesday smoking a little pot in the truck 30 min before calling it a day. Smart thinking eh.:whistling
Comm, I'll start at 7. Resi-not until 8. I only have two accounts that will allow me to work on their property on a Saturdy. Not law, just HO rules. I try to mow my own yard during the week, but after doing it all day, it's the last thiong I want to do. I avoid Sundays when at all possible, but limit my weekend hours to 10am-3 pm. Yardwork on the weekends is a necessary evil for a lot of folks. And what about the folks that have to work weekends? Do we shut down on Mon & Tue for them? Seems like that would be the fair thing to do.
Being from Michigan and enjoying the work laws on sunday's, I've got to ask....why are you working on a sunday?
I have guys asking me to work Saturdays and Sundays all the time. I might let a really quiet Sub on the site on Saturday, but here you have to have a special permit for even Saturday work.

Sundays every Sub should know better. You're just asking for a bitchy neighbor to complain
I'm too busy reporting loud construction workers to the local law enforcement to be able to work on Sunday's.:whistling
Because we got lot of rain the last 2 weeks. So need to catch up a little.
Anyways if yo start work at 9 am what's the problem. To me Sat-Sun. Is like during the week for me
I can care less if this is work going on in my sub any day
Being from Michigan and enjoying the work laws on sunday's, I've got to ask....why are you working on a sunday?
some commercial accounts require contractors work between 8:30-5:00.
I guess it depends on your neighbors... We go to church most sundays, so i dont know what kind of noise gets made.

I used to work 7 days a week, for years. I eventually got back to going to church sundays and have found that i dont need to work sundays like i had always thought i needed to, some how i guess i was being thought of... I think a man deserves a day of rest, and even my preacher says it dont have to be sunday, just so long as a man sets aside a day for rest.

not to get too religious or anything, i just think as a general rule, work should only be a have to deal on sundays... but some times we have an ox that needs pulled from the ditch, and that's quite alright.

I believe that gettin the cops called on you is harsh, but i encourage what ever means short of that... to encourage folks to reserve the respect for the beliefe based bunch of us. At every turn there is something trying to lessen the ties to faith and religion in this country. And i think that's what is wrong with the country today. But, i am a christian. The darwin bunch out there probally thinks different.

I believe that there are far worse things going on in the world than a fella workin on a sunday. I'd rather see a man workin on sunday than to see a man hungry on sunday.

I may get a sting from the mods but i want to suggest a thought to everyone that isnt sure if they believe or not.... Take sundays off, sit at home with your family, or go to church, call your ma and dad, go visit an elderly person or help someone you know in need. Wish good and peace to those who have none and see if you miss any of those dollars you might have made on sunday. That's how it started for me. I dont need to work 7 days a week now. But my heart and mind reserve that day. It dont mean i'm rich. I still have to make the other 6 count, but my familys needs are met. You'll be suprised at how many folks appreciate the idea that a guy wont work on sunday too.

Best of luck catchin up, and try not to be bitter, i think maybe a neighbor was just hoping to get you thinking about a few things off the radar.
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Most of you are much younger than I am, so I don't expect you to understand this. But you eventually have to ask yourself what you are working for.


Well, take heed that the years that COULD have been spent with your family aren't given to the big god, Work. He's a cruel taskmaster, and he will steal the very thing you think you are working for... and make you happy to help him.

Please don't set yourself up to one day awaken wondering, "What the hell did I do to myself and my family?" "So much lost to own a newer truck and a bigger boat?"
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It's pretty common here in NJ.... as a matter of fact we do all of our building in three towns at the beach and in two of them we cant work from the third week in June until the first week in Sept.
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