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H & C Infusion Acid Stain Failure

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We are in the middle of a basement remodel, the client chose the acid stain for the floor finish.
The house was built in the 70's their was no sealer or grease on the floor,
We cleaned the floor with 40 grit buffing pads on a machine, then proceeded to mop (almost 8 hours) until the water was clean, the next day we mopped again. Then let the slab dry for 72 hours. We used 2 coats of stain, 2 coats of water based sealer and 3 coats of industrial floor finish all made by H & C, The floor looked great, we let it sit for a week and came and did the millwork, when we taped the floor to spray it took the stain right off to bare concrete, we tested differant areas with differant tapes all with the same conclusion. Sherwins rep came out and did some field tests, they took samples and are saying its going to be 4 weeks until we get results of why its failed.

Has anyone ran into this or have heard anything like this happening
Any input would be great, bc im stressing out over the whole situation
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How long have yall worked with the infusion acid stain. I want to start offering it, but am scared of these kinds of problems.

Any advice?
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