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Guess it's time to stop lurking...

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Hi all!

Been registered here for some time now and been a member of at PaintTalk for a bit as well. I figure it was time I introduce myself so that I might put my 2 cents in here on occasion as well.

I am owner of All Seasons Painting out of West Michigan. My father is the other pseudo-owner. For the last 2 years he's claimed that he's "retired" :no:. Let me tell ya, for someone who's retired he sure pokes his head around the sites a lot! I think once you have a stake in creating something you work so hard at, it's hard to just sit back and watch. So ya, pseudo-retired! :laughing: Father painted for a couple other companies in the area for over 25 years before starting his own company. I joined with him about 13 years ago and have been slowly pushing him out ever since. :whistling

Until about 5 years ago our focus was primarily new res construction. With the downturn, we have seen a huge (obviously) decrease in that market for us. We've changed our focus since then and have been working a lot of remodel and commercial. We still do a good amount of new construction, but definitely not the numbers we used to.

Well, there ya go. Glad to be here and looking forward to slinging advice on slingin' paint!
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Welcome to the forum. :thumbsup:

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