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After reading Jack of all trades "builder" needs help. post in the General Discussion, I figured I better Post an Introduction and create a profile.

I currently work for a GC in ohio. I've worked there for 7 years now and have really taken on to the business. I've worked in the field for several of those years, started out moving lumber, sweeping floors and receiving verbal beatdowns. But I was used to that being the low man on the totum-pole at my previous job(lanscape construction).

I decided I wanted to do more in the construction business and went to college and got a degree while maintaining status as a full time employee with my employer. I've taken a part in numerous big estimates (successful ones too), along with taking a very active role in managing several projects. I've really been trying to soak up as much as I can in learning from my bosses and working with numerous project managers and superintendents.

Construction by far is a very rewarding business, no matter what role you play, you start with raw land, raw materials, then intricately construct them into a final product for endless uses. I will always hold that appreciation.

I actually stumbled on this site when I thought it would be a great idea, I typed in to see if it was actually a place, and it turns out that it is. I've done more reading than posting. Some posts more on topic than others, but it looks like a good place for people with a common interest to dicuss things they care about.
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