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grout problem

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I regrouted a shower for a customer yesterday
4 inch white tile on sheetrock with some type of brown thinset. I reattached a few loose tiles so I had a good look at the old adhesive.

Scraped out the old,loose grout & caulk, mixed up some unsanded snow white grout and got to work.
Everything looked great until final cleanup of grout haze.
The new grout stared to turn brown in some spots. Almost like the stain was bleeding through.
I am going back today to see what it looks like now.
Has anyone experienced this before?
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on sheetrock with some type of brown thinset
There's a whole bunch of "holy crap" listed there.

Sorry you were the last to touch it so hopefully you don't own it now. Try a grout colorant as it will seal the grout with an epoxy overlay. Maybe that will keep drywall satan from rearing his ugly head....for a while.
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