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Grout cracking issue

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Ok guys i have a customer with a sun room and his floor has a little to much flex for my likeing and his grout has started to lift and crack. I didnt lay the tile or build the sun room but he wants me to fix it. Problem is he put the tile down. He used Ditra ontop of 3/8th's which is not enough sub floor in my mind and this is the cause of the issue. Other than taking up the hole floor and beefing up the subfloor if there another way to repair the grout. Maybe a more flexible grout??

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Thanks guys. Will prob have a problem matching up the current grout with something over similer texture and colour. I really think he's just going to have to do it the proper way in the end. I dont really wanna mess around with patching stuff up as temp fix if never worth it.
Are you able to answer a quick question about a tile job ?
Go ahead man. If i can answer im sure someone cant. might wanna open a new thread so i get more views. :thumbsup:
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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