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grout colour not like sample! arrgh.

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I usually use mapei kerapoxy and the color match is always snot on. Last week I used keracolor Unsanded. The grout colour is about two shades brighter than it was supposed to be. I can't stand cement-based grout.

I used unsanded because of a high gloss tile. I didn't want the sand to scratch it. I could probably regrout after a little gouging. Hopefully the tile doesn't chip or scratch.

I was thinking of grout colorant. I've used it before to change grout colors but I would be worried about durability.

Any feedback? Should I just go back to epoxy? Sigh.
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Never had an issue with Mapei not matching.
Is the customer complaining about the color result or is it something that is just bothering you?

I would try an enhancer first prior to gouging out anything and risk chipping tile you were concerned about scratching in the first place.
HO is complaining. I rarely ever use cementious grout any more. I suspect the tap water is high in calcium and/or my rinse bucket had too much calcium.

I am going to regrout over top- grout lines are a little depressed relative to the tile. Not unusual, I didn't wipe too much away, but I am going to try to keep it almost flush with tile as the tile edges are quite sharp.

I did a test today, and with the efflorescence cleaner from mapei and the aqua mix premium stone sealer/color enhancer it gets it matching pretty well. Almost a little darker with the sealer, as it darkens the color.

I think I am going to mix with distilled water or mapei's grout sealer product that you can use with grout. And then make sure my rinse bucket is clean.

The water was "clean" but not fresh. There was a bit of thin set sludge at the bottom which probably would have upped the calcium content as well.

After this experience I will be happy to go back to epoxy grout. Despite the pita factor I prefer it. Especially for showers and bathrooms.
I have switched to urethanes (Quartzlock) unless it just doesn't fit the customers budget. I was too frustrated with the color inconsistency in cementious grouts. Glad it worked out for you.
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I have tried urethane a couple of times - but I just do not like working with it. Can't remember.. but I found it especially frustrating on walls. floors less so, but I am really hooked on epoxy for bathrooms. I think next time I will take my chances and use it on the high glaze tile vs. farting around with the cement grouts again.

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