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Ground work layout

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Hi all, I currently work for a plumbing contractor, in which the boss insist that only he does all the groudworks. Hides the blueprints in the backhoe while he digs and shouts measurements. Ask questions about whats going on and he just rolls up the prints and back to the hoe.
Assuming that all the walls are 2x4's, wood or metal, each wall is 3 5/8" is that correct. The surveyer takes denoted the exterior stud wall, not the actually finish, IE 5/8 plywood, expansion space then brick finish. If the first deminsion of a room 10' wide stud to stud, it would simply be 10' 3 5/8" to front of the second wall? | | ------- 10' ------| |
^ 10' 3 /58 ^
If times weren't tight, I would be working for another company. So for now Im stuck trying to learn as much as possible on my own. Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
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3-5/8" is a little dated. It's 3-1/2" now days. (For wood, as stated below)
3-5/8" is a little dated. It's 3-1/2" now days.
Metal studs are 3 5/8", wood studs even in the great Pacific Northwest are about 3 31/32" or less.

Reading the plans and interpreting the plans is where the money is. I've even had to use a magnifying glass to figure out if dimension ended at framing or finish. If I understand your question correctly, your answer is 10' 3 1/2". But until I looked at the plans, I am only guessing.
True. I stand corrected. I wasn't specific enough. Sorry. Haven't worked with metal studs in so many years, they are kind of lost in my memory.
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