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Hi Guys,

I have been a long time reader but finally decided to jump in. My name is Andrew and I am from Greensburg PA, about 40 minutes east of Pittsburgh. I am currently a third year business management major at Pitts' Greensburg campus, and I would like to be a home builder/real estate developer (probably to evolve into light commercial such as hotels and small shopping plazas).

I have no real formal construction experience, other than volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. I love framing (rough carpentry), and have been trying to find somebody to frame with part time (probably a problem).

I am lucky that my mom is a professor at my local community college, so I get to take there classes for free. Now that I am so close to finishing at Pitt, and she wants to retire, I have been alternating between here and Pitt. I take classes related to the field (drafting, surveying, estimating, etc...) every other semester. This at least gives me experience to understand the concept of things, not so much hands on experience.

My local vo-tech offers adult night classes on the different parts of the trade (such as carpentry, masonry, HVAC, plumbing, electrical) that I have been trying to sign up for, however due to the lack of interest the classes have not been available. I think this would be perfect for me right now.

I got my real estate license last year and have been working for a real estate company around school. This is a nice job to have while in school, because while it is hard work I am on my own time and have to manage my own business, make my own business, all on my own. This is real world business experience I am lucky to get.

My sister is an Architect, and has been generous in getting me into various workshops in Pittsburgh. My last set of workshops were at the carpenters union, which I really thought were helpful. I thought long and hard about becoming an apprentice, and even tested into the program, but decided to not go forward with it because of how close I am to being done at Pitt, and the other things I want to do at my moms school.

Sorry for the long intro guys, I guess I am trying to ask what I should really be doing with my time now to get where I want to be.



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Welcome to CT.

Thorough intro.

If I were to do it over again, I would go into electrical work.

(still not out of reach).

Lots of good intel here.

A lot of good threads in the archives, just don't use the search bar (unless they fixed it).
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