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Hello everyone! I'm glad that I found this forum. A little background on myself: My father has run a pest control company for about 17 years now and has trained me how to address different problems, and trust me in my industry there can be a lot. Working on my sales and customer service skills as I go along. I have been in business for 2 years now. Doing pretty well, at least for someone my age. Make about 50k a year.

I just dropped 12,000 investing in a 14ft enclosed trailer and a versa vac to clean out attic insulation. Something I have been trying to figure out is how to work with insurance companies and how to negotiate with the adjusters.

Additionally, I made my own business website aside for the other professional animal control directory that I pay a separate monthly fee for. I get a lot of calls and now I just need to know how to convert those calls into making more money. Thats why we're all in business anyhow is to make money... I realize this is just a contractors forum and theres not a whole lot that you guys can probably influence how I do business but then again I could be wrong. Just looking for good advice. Thanks - Luke
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