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Greetings to all....

A little background on me...

I've been in the construction industry for 35+ years many as a General Contractor; more recently as an outsource Construction Consultant providing Plan Take-off & Estimating Services.

The name of my company is RC Building Associates Inc. and we are a full service construction consultant firm.

Our mission is to assist our clients and provide Construction Estimating, project schedules, construction management and landscape design services.

RC Building Associates Inc believes that with the extensive knowledge and planning we provide to our clients, it enables informed business decisions for successful outcomes to construction projects.

We believe the key factors of a successful construction project begins with sound estimating practices and a well developed project schedule.

These provide for a solid foundation for practical Construction Management of any magnitude.

After all these years I still have a passion for the industry and love what I do.

For more information on me please feel free to visit our website.

Happy Holidays to all.
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