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Hello every body. figured it was time for me to step out of the shadows from lurking and introduce myself. My name is Kilian and I am now starting my own company. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I am in no way the dullest chisel in the tool box.

My background has certainly been diversified. I have managed a sign shop, a strip club and an art gallery. I have been an oil field roustabout and a landscaper. I have done computer tech support and I have even worked as the appliance repair guy. I have been a mechanical apprentice for commercial refrigeration and did my carpentry apprenticeship with Carpenters Local 329. I have worked for a couple of cabinet shops and even been in business for myself before. I have made and sold furniture and once I made an electric guitar. And back in my earlier years, I was also the lead guitar player for a local band.

I admit I have been a bad boy. I posted replies to other threads PRIOR to posting this lovely introduction.

So here I am, 41 now, and starting my own company... in this economy... Why you ask? Well, the short answer is it started off as a side job and has just kept growing and growing and my regular job (working in a casino) was just getting in the way. I am already nervous as hell about when and what the next job will be.... I will just have to ride it out and see what the future brings.
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