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Greetings and Salutations!

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Hello all.

I'm Dave from upstate bankrupt NY :clap:

Im 28, in the plaster repair and residential repaint business...

Pretty pumped I found this forum seems very active with a ton of useful info :thumbsup:

edit: I like to put thought into my posts... which is why im editting this one...

I am a pretty private person by nature, so please if you have a question, feel free to ask...

A bit of background, my entire family is in the trades... I grew up in a very successful small business, then watched it crash and burn, and am now in the process of rebuilding it. the crash was not anyones direct fault, though I do carry partial blame. (stop thinking negative)

Now here I am 28years old, attempting to rebuild it

right now I do 99% repair work, with lime and plaster of paris, however I am very limited when it comes to new plaster cielings. Infact I wont even do them.

One of the biggest mistakes alot of small contractors make is not knowing when they are in over their head. So I am taking it slow...

I also dabble in professional sandblasting however I am not mobile.
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Welcome Dave, good to have you, GMOD
Welcome fellow Dave from NY. What part of upstate?

Good Luck
Greetings from Alaska Dave!,.......Welcome to the forum!
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