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granite on the beach

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we did this about 5 years back....rabbit ed all the arches so the metal was hidden...


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flue flash and stuff on the sound

the chimney was flue flashed the salt stains at the weeps ar evident

then pics of a Spanish Villa home in Milford called Villa Rosa on the sound..block garrage and stucco and flshing and camel backs...brick drive all done about 35 years back pic taken last summer; driveway was done one shale process...mined over by southern ct state college fantastic stuff. not a brick moved in all this time!

two pics of before /aft of my sons beach home e did all the work including siding/carpentry/plumbing/heating
I have more pics on the house inside as well for another time.


Nice looking work where's the beach house?
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beach jobs

all are Milford Ct
Yeah, we always cut for the steel. We call it a shoe cut.
Didn't that area get wiped out by the last 2 storms?
I haven't cut the steel into the stone, but I do usually paint the steel the same colour as the window or garage door trim. Tremclad (Rustoleum to you Americans) has a variety of colours it can be tinted now.
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