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Granite guy wanted

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I have a customer that has a granite countertop that needs to be reworked and I am looking for an independent fabricator in the Hudson Valley, NY area that does this work.
I know companies that will pick up the slab and bring it back to their shop and rework it but would rather find someone that can do it on site. Anyone out there?
Bill T
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How old is it?
What happened to the original shop?
Tim - Are you a granite fabricator ?
My customer purchased a "gently used" kitchen that came with the granite countertops. I can make it work in their house but the countertop will need to be reduced in length on one end and than re-edged and polished. I can make the straight cut but do not have the tooling to copy the edge detail or polish it.
The top came with an undermount sink but they would rather have a farm sink which would also require cutting and polishing. The sink part is a wish and subject to cost.
I have worked on jobs in the past where an independent fabricator was on the job but I don't remember the customer or the name of the fabricator.
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No, just drawing out more detailed info so maybe some others will be likely to chime in.:thumbsup:
From my experience usually the only thing they will do on site is cut it and polish small edge. Doing a profile needs a 220v router ( my guy at least ) and lots of water, which would be a problem on site.
I also cannot imagine anyone removing a top and machining it on site for a farm house sink. That rear piece would be a real problem with on site work
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When I say on site - it can be moved outside. There is a seam at the sink so the back piece at the sink is not an issue. He would need to square off the wide radius of the under mount sink and cut the front away. And of course polish everything.
The guys I saw on site used 120v wet routers with diamond bits.
Who is your guy? Does he travel to the Ellenville, NY area? We do have 220 if he needs it.
Bill T
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No way too far and too much tooling has to be moved. If it can be moved outside it can be moved to a shop, what is the difference?
The difference is getting the tops secured on a truck - time and travel expense to the shop - 1 1/2 hours each way. It will need to be dropped so another three hours down and back picking it all up and the fabricator would need to go up there anyhow to field seam the joint.
At least 6 hours plus travel that I could be productive doing something else.
If it was a template with material already at the shop that would be the way to go. But not in this case.
Bill T
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