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Graco Ultra 750 needs help

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New guy to the forum, this is my first post. I am not a painter. I just purchased this airless sprayer recently. I was told it worked great and asked the guy if it had been maintained properly, and ask specifically if it was cleaned the last time it was used. My concern was that he had been telling me how it was his brother or brother in law who had used it. Which to me was setting up the ignorance excuse, so I asked the questions. He said that it had been, and I was itching to get out of there. He had the hose all zipped tied up, so it would have been a pain to test out there in his cold garage.

I started cleaning up the outside of it, then decided that was pointless. I also decided I was going to take apart the pump before I used it and check it out. I took the hose and the connector off the pump. All I could see was dried up solid paint everywhere. I took the lower and upper halves of the pump off separately. More solid paint between sections.

All in all it took me almost two hours to get this pump off and apart. I had to throw it in a hydraulic press and work the piston until it was free enough. I can only imagine what the filter housing is going to be like.

I'm guessing the hose is junk. I know I'll probably have to replace the short hose too. The filter assembly is going to be a PITA to get clean and the same is probably true for the gun.

So anyways guys, lay it on me. Give me the newb advice on this.
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use lacquer . also try to pump it threw the machine. a buddy bought a gummed up sprayer off some crack head and thats what he told me what worked. maybe you should just get your money back.
use lacquer . also try to pump it threw the machine. a buddy bought a gummed up sprayer off some crack head and thats what he told me what worked. maybe you should just get your money back.
It's still a good deal, because it's a 3-4 thousand dollar machine when it was new apparently. The lady at Sherwinn Williams was talking about it like a lost gem. I swear I heard the angel choir every time she mentioned it. I am going to get a couple rebuild kits off ebay or something. I bought all the other stuff from her because she wasn't too far off on pricing. But on 2 rebuild kits I'll be saving $40 by going internet shopping.

I'll give it a shot with the lacquer. Right now I got everything soaking in mineral spirits, is that good enough?
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take it to the paint store and have it rebuilt.
Spirits won't melt latex paint like lacquer thinner or paint thinner will. My understanding is that spirits is for oil based primarily. I've seen lacquer thinner dissolve black tar asbestos adhesive (don't ask) and fifty year old paint adhered to a door threshold.
Laquer thinner would probably junk the leather seals also...Gracos pumps are quite easy to rebuild . 6 rings some new copper washers a torque wrench and the manual..u will save yourself about 200 dollars. We have about 12 airless pumps and there are at least to that need repacked all the time.
That's cool. Me and the other guy have been talking about getting some paint thinner to soak it in. Seals don't matter, the first thing I thought of when I saw solid paint was that I need a rebuild. I ordered 2 kits, just so I will have 1 on hand. They were shipped out of NY the other day.
I have the kits in hand and am looking at the instructions. Looks like a caveman could do it. I'm pretty psyched, I should have it together tomorrow and spraying primer on Tuesday.

I guess the basics of what I've been getting are just keep it clean. The lady at the paint store seems to give pretty good advice and sounds like she may know what she is doing. She was showing me the proper hand motions and how you want to stop and start, depending on where you are, to avoid losing too much to overspray. This is going to be fun, I may hire a real painter for the stuff that won't be fun. I've done enough painting that I know I don't like cutting in. Either I am way too anal and take extremely long, or I get fed up and can't stand the end result. At least if someone else does it my eyes won't be drawn to the parts that I know are not perfect when ever I walk by. I hate that. If I know there is an imperfection somewhere I see it every time I go in that room and it drives me nuts. Whether it be a screw up in the mud, a crooked faceplate, unlevel trim.
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